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Welcome!  We at Ray and John Sales know you love war games as much as we do. Whether you are a beginner just getting into this great hobby, or if you are a grizzled grognard that has a library of games collected already, we have something for you.  Feel free to contact us at 803-983-5084 if you have any questions.

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"These guys run a good store and are a pleasure to do business with.  You can buy with confidence."-J. Hinds, Toronto Canada

Top Picks

Operation Barbarossa: Battle for the Danube

Minitature combat on the Eastern Front, 1941



Red Russia: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921

Four factions attempt to carve their own empire out of the ruins of the monarchy.



Sam Grant: Civil War in the West 1862-64

Block unit game of warfare in the Western US. Play 3 scenarios, each covering a year of warfare, or a campaign game spanning 1862 to 1864.  Combine it with Bobby Lee and span the entire Civil War!



GWAS: U.S. Navy Plan Gold

Although France and the United States never fought each other, both planned for such a contingency. Remarkably, both countries anticipated the other's moves very well, allowing for an unusually realistic simulation of a hypothetical conflict.



Federation Commander: Romulan Border

Complete Core game pitting the Romulan Empire against the Federation of Planets. Includes complete rules, 16 ships and everything else needed to fight at the fleet or squadron level.



Medieval Barn




Currently no products

Hero Clix

Currently no products

Legendary: The Marvel Deck Building Game

1 to 5 players work together to defeat the game system using cards. No booster packs required!



Wanted: A Few Bold Riders Pony Express Card Game

Two or more players race to collect 190 station points while avoiding hazards of the wild west. A Smithsonian Institution Odyssey game.



Schutze Christian  German Ski Jager

Silent killer of the frozen wastes.



AH-64A Apache  Modern Day

Attack helicopter with the latest techonology and weapon systems.



=""> M-16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage World War II

The deadly quad 50s were equally effective against ground targets as they were against enemy aircraft.




Currently no products


Medieval Inn



The Illustrated Guide to the World's Top Counter-Terrorist Forces

Documentary on counter-terrorist units around the world



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